I'm Susan King and I’ve practiced Physiotherapy in Charleston SC for 25 years. I specialize in Postural Dysfunction (including Scoliosis), Sports Physiotherapy, Chronic Pain Syndromes & Spine Pain,                 PT and Pilates specializes in Sports Specific Exercises for dance, running and other performance injuries.

I received my Specialized Training in Pain Management at the Medical University of SC where I was the Manager of the Biofeedback Clinical Research Lab.  We were one of the very 1st research-based multi-disciplinary pain teams in the nation.   I consider myself to be a functional posture problem solver and treat the whole body, never just 1 segment.  I follow the principles of the Alexander Technique for my specialized posture work and I utilize a full array of Pilates Equipment in my PT studio. In warm weather, I often include aquatic therapy in my (on site) pool. You can go to my BLOG page and review my published article in “Advance Magazine for PTs”.  It outlines my clinical  approach incorporating Pilates  and Dynamic Cupping for “Structural Correction of Scoliosis”. 

8 years ago, I designed and patented my own unique set of dynamic cupping tools for Myofascial Release.  They are high quality, sturdy silicone cups that I manufacture here in the USA and I’m proud to say that patients love the fact that they don’t cause pain and they don’t produce bruising.  IN FACT, THEY’RE THE ONLY PT INVENTED DYNAMIC CUPS ANYWHERE!  To learn more about “Cup and Release”, go to  my Retail web-site ( www.cupandrelease.com ).  I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have!  You can contact me by e-mail at susankingpt@pilatesrehabpro.com